Anti-social behaviour team - Redbridge

Redbridge's very own hot-line to report any type of Anti-social behaviour.

Manned by humans at times when these things are likely to happen.

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At appx 1.00 pm today I witnessed 2 men dumping building rubish on land adjacent to my property.  I have witnessed these men before leaving rubbish.  I challenged them and received verbal abuse and told to mind my own business.  They drove their white van over my property and left. I have photos of the vehicle and rubbist being disposed of.  Registration number is clearly available. Previously, I have witnessed this vehicle knocking down one of the dividing wooden posts and driving off. 

"mind your own business you old twat" was one of his retorts.  Well, I may be old but not a twat.  This man needs to be investigated.  With his charicture he is likely to carry out more serious acts.

I am a 76 year old female and disabled.  I should not have to experience this on my own property.

Registration number YO15 UPG  White Vauxhall van.


Leslie Everest, 19a Clarendon Road, E18 2AW