Autumn brings in the start of longer nights and with Halloween and Bonfire Night please bear the following in mind:

Light timers should be used where possible to give the impression that the property is occupied.

Anti-social behaviour can be reported on 101 or 020 8478 4679.

Be aware of your neighbours, especially vulnerable residents; make sure they are aware of locking their doors and windows properly and that their possessions are stored securely.

Ensure you know where you children are on Halloween, accompany younger ones and check that older ones know what is acceptable behaviour and what isn’t.

If you have any queries about home security or wish to join Neighbourhood Watch then please register your interest by creating an account at this website.

As always the numbers to call are:

999 Emergency number – call when you suspect a crime is being committed or a life is in danger;

101 Non-emergency number – call when a crime has been discovered, to leave a message for your Neighbourhood Policing team.



Please be extra vigilant, dark cold evenings are soon upon us.

Watch out for slow moving older cars, unfamiliar occupied waiting cars,
small hooded groups.

Become more aware of your surroundings, who is behind you, especially
when approaching your home.

Avoid poorly lit roads. If unsure don’t be afraid to knock on a neighbours door.

Have a final look round before getting your keys out.

If it is a life threatening situation, a crime is being committed or
suspicious behaviour then please call 999. Less urgent crimes can be
reported on 101 or online at
Give as much information as possible, time, location, car registration,
car make, colour, description of occupants.

When going out separate your valuables don’t keep everything in the one
handbag, for example house keys keep in a coat pocket, credit cards and
other keys in inside pockets, small cash in handbag, notes in pocket
etc. maybe have two phones one cheap one on view and the better iphone
or Blackberry tucked away in a pocket.

Try to look and act confident - look like you know where you are going
and walk tall.

If someone tries to take something from you, it may just be better to
let them take it rather than to get into a confrontation and risk

Try not to be conspicuous about the valuables you are carrying. Talking
on your mobile phone, carrying a laptop, wearing expensive headphones,
or showing your friend your new gold ring,

....................all show thieves that you are worth robbing.

When out walking or jogging, you should not listen to a personal stereo
or telephone through headphones, so you can stay more alert to your

Whenever possible, walk facing oncoming traffic to avoid kerb crawlers.
If you do have to walk in the same direction as the traffic and a
vehicle pulls up suddenly alongside you, turn and walk or run in the
other direction – you can turn much faster than a car.

If you think you are being followed, trust your instincts and take
action. As confidently as you can, cross the road, turning to see who
is behind you. If you are still being followed, keep moving. Head for a
busy area and tell people what is happening, knock on someones door. If
necessary, 999 call the police.

Keep a personal attack alarm handy, it can be used to shock and
disorientate an attacker giving you vital seconds to get away …….Don’t
be afraid to use it, if approached, make as much noise as possible,
scream or shout, shout ‘fire’ rather than ‘help’ – it can get more results……….