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  • Target audience: Anyone registered at this website and everyone residing on a Neighbourhood Watch.
  • Available from: Directly from manufacturer, with discount code - You pay £25 once. No annual fee.
  • Stock availability: Not restricted

The MetTrace initiative in Redbridge
As you may be aware, the Metropolitan Police Service are currently issuing their own branded SmartWater® forensic marking packs to some, but not all, residents of Redbridge, as part of the MetTrace initiative, over the next three years. They are concentrating on high burglary hotspot areas. Click here to read more.

This offer is open to residents that live on a recognised Redbridge NHW watch or hold an account at this website.
- A compelling reason to consider starting your own new watch?

How will SmartWater help me?
Each pack of SmartWater has its own unique 'DNA' which is registered with the company. The clear liquid is used to mark your valuables - it cannot be seen.

Police routinely check for SmartWater, if your marked items are stolen but later recovered, the police can see you have used SmartWater, by checking with UV light.

Any property marked with SmartWater can be identified and returned to you if recovered, whilst the thief can be successfully prosecuted. When you buy a pack online, your details are automatically associated with the unique forensic code in the SmartWater kit that is sent to you.

Prevention is always the first line of defence when protecting your home, so please make sure you display your SmartWater’s THIEVES BEWARE® window stickers clearly, they are an important deterrent to would-be thieves.

How Effective is it?
There have been many SmartWater projects deployed by the UK Police service, including the deployment of 1,000 SmartWater packs to homes in the London Boroughs of Brent and Islington in 2013. Six months after the launch, police reported an 85% reduction in domestic burglary in Brent and a 63% reduction in Islington.

The London Borough of Redbridge is often targeted by burglars and would benefit greatly for the crime reduction successes experienced in Brent and Islington. This special offer is a great opportunity for you to take an active part in that reduction.

How do I buy SmartWater?
To order your five year (minimum) SmartWater pack for £25.00, including free delivery, Please Click here ( and use promotional code  L25JI25NW

That's a Capital "I" as in Juliet India, the Police code for Redbridge, as seen on the shoulders of every Redbridge Officer.

Frequently asked questions

Q: How long does SmartWater last?
A: It's guaranteed to last for five years, that's £5 a year for peace of mind. In practice it could last longer depending on how much has been applied, if it's outdoors or indoors, and other factors.
Q: How can I check to see the liquid I've applied?
A: All you need is a UV light. You can buy one from the main SmartWater online shop or from other retailers. Some UV lights will fluoresce SmartWater better than others. The ideal light frequency is 365nm. 
Q: Could I not just mark my property with a UV pen?
A: There are limitations to using a UV pen. Pens don't write on all types of surfaces. Some items such as jewellery are too small to clearly write your postcode on. Thieves can strike through a postcode, scratch or deface it. SmartWater on the other hand can be applied to virtually any item and only a small amount of it is required to recover your unique code to identify the registered owner.
Q: I already have a burglar alarm, why would I need SmartWater?
A:  Thieves can be in and out of a property with valuables within a matter of seconds, well before the alarm is acknowledged. What criminals fear most is being caught and SmartWater puts that fear in the thief’s mind. With SmartWater’s 100% conviction rate, thieves know that if they are caught with SmartWater they have nowhere to turn. Independent research amongst offenders even shown that SmartWater is the top deterrent amongst thieves, beating burglar alarms, CCTV & even police patrols. For more information on this research please click here.
Q What happens if I move?
A: You can update your personal details recorded on SmartWater’s database by contacting their Customer Services Team. There is no charge for this service.
Q: Do I have to pay a subscription?
A: No, not with this special offer to NHW residents. There are no additional or repeat costs.
Q: Can I share my SmartWater with a friend or neighbour?
A: No, because the code in your kit is uniquely registered to you. If you don't own a piece of property, then don't mark it with your code.
Q: What if I buy my own kit, then the police offer me a free one?
A: A free pack is not guaranteed. Only one in eight (now four - May 2016) households are due receive a free pack in Redbridge.

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