Burglar Alarm boxes


  • Target audience: Anyone registered at this website and anyone residing on a Redbridge Neighbourhood Watch, with an existing alarm system.
  • Available from: Ward Coordinators only
  • Stock availability: VERY restricted, but will be regenerated.

As you may have noticed, we are putting some considerable effort into sourcing and making available certain products that are designed to help our residents protect themselves and their homes.

This one however, will only be effective under specific circumstances, for which we will need your considered understanding and active involvement.

If you go into your back garden at night time and look at the surrounding properties, you may observe there is unlikely to be much in the way of visible indication that a house has a burglar alarm. Yet, quite a lot of burglaries take place at the rear of properties.

We have identified the weakness and worked with a burglar alarm company to develop a product that should complete the security profile.

However, to maintain the integrity, we need to ensure these supplementary boxes are only to be offered to people with existing security systems....that's where you come in.

You may not remember, but by way of a reminder, we do have a close relationship with an SSAIB Accredited burglar alarm company, offering a genuine 10% discount to all Redbridge residents (Click on ink at foot of this page). Some of whom have fitted alarms.

Bradling Security Limited

Product details

Pyronix Deltabell E (recognised industry shape)
Fitted with two Lithium battery cells designed to operate for 3-5 years without maintenance.
Easily fitted by two screws, fitting is not offered.
Comes working out of the box.
Marked with company name, to look just "right".

How to buy

They will be available by specific request to your Ward Coordinator.
The price is £35 per unit.
- The batteries alone cost nearly £10 each.

We have undertaken much due diligence in making sure we have the very best value for money on the market. This offer is specifically made and designed for Redbridge.

Link to Burglar alarm installation offer by Bradling Security to Redbridge NHW residents