CPR Call Blocker


  • Target audience: Anyone registered at this website and everyone residing in London.
  • Available from: Directly from manufacturer, with discount code.
  • Stock availability: Not restricted

85% of people receive nuisance telephone calls (Ofcom research).

Quite often we see comments at public and social networking sites complaining of the stream of callers trying to do things you don't like.

We have approached the company recognised widely as masters of the solution with a view to acquiring these machines through the Neighbourhood Watch network.

The machines can be purchased at www.cprcallblocker.com.

Being connected to the Neighbourhood Watch network in London, you will be offered a 10% discount from their regular prices by entering the following discount code in the Coupon Code box:


Does it work? Yes, like a dream, your Chairman has two. There is nothing quite as satisfying as pressing the big red button!

You will need to be subscribing to the Caller ID system with your telecom provider.

Further details are available at the CPR CallBlocker website, there is also a very good video produced by the Information Commissioner's Office at: