The problem that is ADT


Several coordinators have expressed concerns about the door-to-door pressure selling routines being operated by the Burglar Alarm company ADT. They are in Roding too.

It IS a nuisance, but not a crime. That doesn't however mean the police are not interested. Yes, they have been known to ignore the yellow stickers supplied by trading standards in no-cold calling zones. On the leaflet that accompanied the stickers, it does state that it only becomes an offence if they return after being advised.

What we could do which may be far more useful than just closing the door on them, is this:

ADT is a very large company, with many arms. It is quite difficult to lodge an effective complaint without knowing precisely where these campaigns are being initiated. Far more useful, would be engaging in a conversation with them, asking for a business card (if they have them), finding out who to contact if interested in their alarm systems etc. i.e. do a wee bit of detective work. It's always easier to be nice rather than nasty anyway.

What you may find is the door knockers are not actual "employees" of ADT, but hired students, hired to canvass. I'd be interested to hear if they ring at doors of houses that do obviously already have alarm systems fitted.

Sgt Rob Douglas (Roding and Church End) has already fired a shot over their bow, also Adrian Simpson of Trading Standards has been advised:

Hi Mark,
Thank you for your email. I have sent an email direct to ADT concerning this matter and expressing our disapproval on behalf of police, local residents and local authority.
Kind Regards

Thank you for contacting us with your concerns about ADT.

As the email correctly states the offence under the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 is to “conduct personal visits to the consumers home and ignore their  request to leave”. We advise our residents to bring the cold-callers attention to the sticker and if that is ignored, then an offence may have been committed.

We take allegations of ignoring the ‘Doorstep Calling Restricted Zones’ seriously and as such we are currently in touch with Surrey County Council Trading Standards Service who are the  ‘home authority’ for ADT who will bring these concerns to their attention.

Should consumers have any complaints against cold-calling then please direct them to the Citizens Advice consumer service on 08454 04 05 06. However if you have any further specific information on the incidents below then please do let me know.

Best Regards,

Adrian Simpson B.A. (Hons) MTSI

Senior Trading Standards Practitioner

Lead Officer for Doorstep Crime

London Borough of Redbridge Trading Standards Service, Perth Terrace, Perth Road, Ilford, IG2 6AT

0208 708 5501

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I had an ADT REAL pain in the bottom at my door even though I had an alarm banging on about the fact that my alarm isn't wired up to my smoke alarm. 10% of me feels sorry (its his job) while 90% of me is cross that it took me 5 minutes to get rid of him. In the end I told him I was in ALL DAY and didn't need anyone ringing me as I would know if there was a problem.

- Debbie has come face to face with one and describes the process quite well below.

Here are the killer questions:

1. Do you have a business card for me please?
2. Do your ADT front boxes illuminate at night? (Answer: No).
3. Response: Not much of a deterrent then, are they? Bye.

After they visited me the salesmen (apparently there were 3!) went all the way down the road and then came back later twice to catch those that had been out. They are determined to say the least HOWEVER as the song said "JUST SAY NO" and remind them

"It is MY house MY money and MY choice and the answer is NO!"