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Who would have known?

Redbridge NHW discovered an inventor, living in our midst, not only that, but one with a stunning crime prevention product that has received accolades and credits from all those “in the know” AND offering any resident in Redbridge a 15% discount too! What a nice fella!

ACPO approved, award winning invention from a Redbridge resident.

You’ve seen all the “Don’t be dim, leave some lights on” advice from the Police, well now we can help you automate the whole process. The timing couldn't be better, if you are planning a holiday, what a great way this is to protect your home.

The light switch timer enables home owners to automate the control of their mains lights whilst they are away from home. The device is unlike anything else available on the market today.

Obviously burglars see dark homes as potential targets but they also use tale-tell signs of solitary lamps, or visible lights left on during the day as signs no one is at home.

The ease of installation distinguishes the light switch timer from its rivals. The light switch timer is incredibly simple to install. The unit takes less than a minute to fit onto your light switch, it requires no wiring; meaning you could install it yourself (no need for an electrician). It has been designed to work on all standard single, double or triple gang light switches and works on all types of light bulbs.

The Police approved Light Switch Timer. Program your main lights to switch on and off when you’re not home. It takes seconds to install (about 60).

Product detail below

• Police approved
• Installs in one minute and requires no wiring
• Reduce the risk of burglary
• Increase sense of safety and security by making your home look occupied
• Works with any type of light, and on 1,2 and 3 gang switches
• Will pay for itself by reducing energy costs.

The light switch timer is also great for operating lights as required for elderly or vulnerable individuals and for landscape lighting and external security lights.

A short video of the installation and details of the product can be seen at lightswitchtimer.co.uk

The Light switch timer will fit over any UK standard 1,2 or 3 gang Switch plate and is compatible with all types of bulbs including LED’s and energy saving bulbs. You can continue to use your light switch as normal with the manual on and off buttons. Not suitable for dimmer switches.

How can you order them?

Click here
(If the link fails, just type lightswitchtimer.co.uk into your URL on your browser)
Press the "Click here to purchase" button
Enter the coupon code: JINW and the number you require. That's a Capital "I" as in Juliet India, the Police code for Redbridge, as seen on the shoulders of every Redbridge Officer.
A discount of 15% will be applied.


or you can order over the telephone if you don't have internet access 020 3637 0856