Fire safety in the home - Free smoke alarms and home check

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We have been asked to engage your assistance in communicating a very special offer by the London Fire Brigade, this is not the first time the offer has been made, nor is it valid for a specific period of time. The reason we have been approached is due to our proven effective communication with our residents. You may forward this mail to anyone residing in Redbridge, it is not restricted to Neighbourhood Watch covered areas or members. As you know, quite often our elders are often found to live fairly secluded existences and may welcome a knock on the door by someone they know and trust as a neighbour.

We started the initiative in South Woodford, following meetings between our Sergeant and our local Fire Station officer. The Fire Brigade were suitably impressed and now wish to extend the offer to the whole Borough.

Our Fire Brigade Borough Commander would like us to approach/contact/explain/give assurance to our more vulnerable members of society, their offer to fit FREE smoke alarms and review fire safety procedures. Our target audience is:

· Those that live alone.

· Have any disability.

· Social Housing (social landlord or local authority).

· Are over 60.

· Single parents (with a child under 15).

· Smokers.

Anyone that falls into any of these categories is eligible. Even ourselves :>)

The alarms fitted have ten-year non-replaceable lithium batteries. They are not the old style square boxes that activate every time the toast is burnt. I have attached a picture of the alarms we have seen.

We have been chosen to communicate the availability of this service as there are so many restrictions nowadays regarding cold-calling and cost restrictions regarding advertising. We have the "ear" of our residents and are in a good position to be able to reach out and help somebody.

If we collectively help to save just one life, it will be an amazing achievement, very worthy of the minimal effort involved.

At the same time, we can reinforce the message about not opening the front door to strangers. The LFB will if asked, arrange predetermined passwords in order to assure our residents of the validity of their attendance. This IS by appointment only.

If anyone has contact with specific groups arranged for elderly folk, or knows of any groups covering these categories, go for it!

Thank you for your cooperation in advance; this is a very worthwhile mission and a perfect opportunity for us to demonstrate our reach. It will also help the Police in identifying our vulnerable residents, so they may offer different support too.

The form Redbridge.pdf is fillable online and may be returned electronically to Once completed, it must be saved to a computer hard drive, then attached to an e:mail. It can be saved with just Acrobat Reader.

Please test it to your satisfaction and distribute it far and wide with whatever means you have at your disposal. If you need/prefer paper/snail mail (regular Royal Mail) forms, please let me know. You will need to write the referral code Redbridge 13 on the paper forms, to allow a trail.