Reporting antisocial behaviour


If you are harassed or victimised, if antisocial behaviour is affecting your quality of life or making you fear for your safety or the safety of others, contact your local antisocial behaviour team, neighbourhood policing team or local police station directly and file a complaint. If the situation is an emergency (if someone's life or health is threatened) call 999.

Alternatively, the Redbridge community safety team run an ASB hot-line service.

All complaints are treated as confidential under the Data Protection Act, so you don't have to worry about your identity being revealed.

'The anti-social behaviour orders have been reducing in their effectiveness, they’re being breached in record numbers and also their usage as well; they’ve declined by about sixty per cent over the course of the last five years.

'We're replacing them with two orders: a criminal behaviour order and a crime prevention injunction which are intended to be speedier and more effective as well as also looking at the underlying behaviour as to why someone is behaving in the way that they are, so to address some of the underlying causes whether that be maybe they’re binge drinking – they've got an alcohol problem, they've got a drug problem, they've got issues with anger management, and being able to impose conditions on them so that makes them very different from the anti-social behaviour orders that have gone before. They're less bureaucratic, there'll be speedier and in so doing we believe they will provide more effective relief to communities, targeting on that small number of individuals that are causing the problems in communities and really impacting on people’s quality of life.'