Redbridge NHW Trust

Neighbourhood Watch is such a familiar term that it’s hard to believe that it only started in 1982 (In Redbridge, it was June 1983). Today it covers some six million households and is the largest voluntary movement in the country. The idea is simple. Local people joining together to safeguard each other's property. As most crime is opportunist, having a team of people working together in neighbourhoods is a powerful weapon in the fight against crime.

A Neighbourhood Watch scheme helps you find out which crimes most concern local people and lets us focus on  specific problems.

You’ll also get tips on how to keep your home and belongings safe, how to fit more secure door or window locks in vulnerable homes, or how to go about lobbying the local authority to improve street lighting, for instance.

Houses that have been burgled are more likely to be hit again, often within a matter of weeks. This is because the criminals know the property’s weak points, its layout and contents. A local Neighbourhood Watch scheme puts up a cocoon around such homes, which simply means that everyone’s on red alert and ready to report anything suspicious to the police. Such ‘cocoons’ can dramatically reduce the likelihood of a repeat burglary. Better still, you won’t be alone in your efforts to reduce crime in your local area as the police can give you up-to-date crime figures and expert advice.

It may be that a Neighbourhood Watch scheme already exists in your area so check with your local police station or Ward coordinator. He or she will give you the information you need to get things started.

Every scheme needs a volunteer coordinator – someone who leads the group and makes sure things get done. Maybe someone else in your area has more time on their hands to take on the responsibility of coordinating the scheme and you’d rather take a back seat once it’s up and running. Most important of all, let everyone know that it’s entirely up to them how involved they are. That way people won’t be scared of giving up too much of their time.

You’ll be surprised at the effects a Neighbourhood Watch scheme can have. Not only will you be making your area a safer place to live but you’ll probably make lots of new friends in the process.

If you can't see your Ward Coordinator listed, please do contact us directly at