Scrapwatch - Metal theft reporting

Scrap metal merchant Scrap Metal Exchange Ltd have launched a new website in a bid to tackle metal theft across the UK.

The Parkgate-based firm began developing the site – – towards the end of 2011, in a bid to provide a free resource that both members of the public and businesses could use to list scrap theft. is the only country-wide resource which can be used quickly and simply in order to combat growing instances of scrap crime.

The website is a tool to allow the immediate listing of theft which can range from a-fully laden lorry being stolen to a householders ornamental garden gate. The listing is then immediately displayed on the site and, more importantly, an email alert is sent to every registered scrap yard and agency giving them a range of information on what to look out for.

The information that can be provided can include a picture, contact information and a complete description as to what has been stolen.

A spokesman for Scrap Metal Exchange Ltd said “We hope that this online tool becomes adopted across the scrap industry and helps to protect the trade and industry against the growing problem of theft.” has been designed to make listing a theft quick, easy and FREE, and gives the registered users a visual map of thefts across the UK with full details to enable identification and notification quickly and easily.

As the site grows, Scrapwatch will find its way onto smart-phones as an app and is already optimised for portable browsers.

For more information, call 0844 4930 666 or visit