Taxi and private mini-cab problems


Apparently the old trick of refusing fares by Taxi and mini-cab drivers due to distance travelled is rearing its ugly head again. We do not appreciate our ladies travelling alone being treated like this. If you hear of it happening, please leave a comment in the box below (you'll need to register and sign in first, links in the grey footer).

Best advice: Black cabs, make a note of the time place and driver number, then report it to the Police.

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34. Duty of taxi driver to accept a fare (Act of 1831 s35 and s36; Act of 1853 s7 and s17; Act of 1968, s3; Order of 1972 para. 3)
A taxi driver, unless required by the hirer to drive more than 12 miles, or more than 20 miles in respect of a journey which begins at Heathrow Airport, London, or for a longer time than one hour, is under a duty to accept a fare:
(a) when his taxi is on a standing or rank appointed for that purpose; or
(b) when his taxi is found standing in any street or place not being a parking place (whether on a rank or not) and is not actually hired.
Refusal by the driver to accept a fare when his taxi is so found is an offence (Penalty Level 1). If the driver is summoned for such a refusal he will not be liable if he proves that he was actually hired at the time. Further, if he also proves that he so informed the would-be-hirer in civil and explicit terms, the justice before whom he appears may award him compensation for loss of time in attending to make his defence (Act of 1831 s35 and s36).

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