Travel safety advice


Bear these tips in mind when travelling:

Buses and trains

  • Plan your journey in advance as much as possible. Make sure you know your route and stop
  • Check the times of the last buses and Tubes/trains
  • Always try to wait for your bus or train in a well lit place
  • Have your ticket, pass or change ready in your hand so your purse or wallet is out of sight. Keep bags zipped and valuables secure
  • Look out for Help points and passenger alarms - use them if you feel threatened. These will connect you to a member of staff
  • If you feel concerned about your safety on the bus, sit close to the driver. If you are on the Tube or train, move to a carriage where there are other people
  • Report any unattended bags, luggage or suspicious activity immediately to a member of staff, a police officer or use the green emergency button on the station Help point

Cycling Locking a bike

  • Park your cycle where it can be seen in a designated parking facility. Don't leave it in the same place every day
  • Lock your cycle securely - lock both wheels and the frame to the cycle stand or another immoveable object
  • Take removable items with you, for example lights and pump, and register your cycle
  • Learn more about on cycle security and avoiding theft

Taxis and minicabs

  • Always used a licensed taxi (black cab) or licensed, booked minicab
  • Book your minicab by phone, email or in a minicab office. Never approach or accept a journey from a minicab driver off the street. Only taxis (black cabs) can be stopped by customers and can pick up off the street
  • When your booked minicab arrives, make sure the minicab driver can confirm your name and your destination. Check this before you get in the vehicle
  • Check the minicab driver's photo ID
  • Always sit in the back and, if possible, carry a mobile phone
  • Trust your instincts - If you are in any doubt do not get in the vehicle. If you become worried about your safety ask the driver to stop and get out of the car - preferably in a busy area.
  • Never risk taking an unbooked minicab. You can also use Cabwise to have your two nearest minicab numbers and one taxi (black cab) number texted to your phone


  • Think about your route - is there somewhere you could go if you felt threatened? The best idea is to head for a public place where you know there will be other people
  • Avoid using shortcuts and badly lit areas
  • Keep your mind on your surroundings. Look confident and walk purposefully to your destination
  • Never accept a lift from someone you don't know, even if you are cold, tired or it's very late