Car thief nabbed by phone app


A MAN who drove away in a stolen car while its owner was dragged along the ground behind it 

holding onto the door was found via an iPhone app.

Thomas Lee, 26, of no fixed address, jumped into the Vauxhall Tigra after its owner had left its engine running as she went to pick up something from her house in Chingford, at 10pm on September 9.

When the 26-year-old woman came back out she saw Mr Lee reversing her car off her driveway, but managed to open and grab hold of the driver's door.

However, she lost her footing as Lee drove off and suffered grazes to her legs and hand as she was dragged along behind the vehicle.

Police found the car in Enfield shortly afterwards by tracing the victim's iPhone, which she had left in the vehicle, using the 'Find my iPhone' app.

Less than an hour later they arrested Lee, who pleaded guilty to joyriding, common assault, disqualified driving and driving without insurance at Thames Magistrates Court, where he will be sentenced on October 2.

Police advised other iPhone users to download the app, and for owners of other smartphones to download similar apps.