Why register?

As a resident or worker in Redbridge, you don't NEED to, the information at the website is open to all. However certain offers can only be made to people that we know, especially the discounts on crime prevention materials.

What will happen if I do?

Not much. At first, all you would be doing is letting us know that you're interested in reducing crime.

You should receive an e:mail asking you to set a password (this also effectively verifies a working e:mail address). If you don't receive the mail, just drop a line to RedbridgeNHW@mail.com with your telephone number and we'll set it up together manually.

IF enough of your neighbours that share your post code express an interest too (you can help here, if you wish, just mention it to them), we will write to you all one day, to see if you fancy forming a Watch. There is no obligation, but in a strange way nowadays, many of us don't know who our neighbours are. The natural collective protection of a group of people looking out for each other is invaluable. We call it community spirit, Our Queen referred to it as neighbourliness in her speech on Christmas day.

It reduces crime: A simple fact that many of us don't seem to appreciate or maybe just haven't stopped to think about.

If you're concerned about registering without having made a personal acquaintance, write to us at RedbridgeNHW@mail.com. There's a human being at the end. Someone that also wants to reduce crime, not a Policeman, but a resident, just like you.

In fact, there are quite a few of us. All local to you, wherever you are, all friendly and all quite committed to reducing crime.

You shouldn't need to live in fear in Redbridge, it's a nice place and we all want to keep it that way.

There are 300,000 people in our Borough. The police do need our help, we are their eyes and ears and they value us highly.

Did you know? Neighbourhood Watch is THE largest voluntary organisation in the country and in Redbridge?

Sounds good, what can I do?

We'd really appreciate it if you would just let three other people in the Borough know what we're about and encourage them to register too

How to register...

Look for this box on the home page (top right), select Create new account