Why register a Watch?

Coordinators become the most important people in Neighbourhood Watch. No-one else will tend to the needs of those neighbours without e:mail. This typically includes the elderly and vulnerable members of our community.

There are obvious advantages too in setting up a proper watch. The bright yellow street signs deter burglars. They realise that Neighbourhood Watch areas are generally more alert than others - burglars do not like to be noticed.

By registering with your Borough Neighbourhood Watch Association (in our case, Redbridge NHW), your watch automatically becomes a member of the London Community Watch (LCW). 

There are choices, no-one is pressured one way or another:

Register the Watch at RedbridgeNHW.info

  • Automatic membership of LCW
  • Full entitlement to help and support, locally and nationally
  • Free use of Neighbourhood Watch logo and name
  • Engagement with other Watch Coordinators in the Ward and Borough
  • Full PLI cover 1
  • RedbridgeNHW mailing list (only occasional mails)
  • Free street signs and window stickers  2

Watches that choose not to be members of the "bigger picture" may register for "Ward only news and interaction" via their Ward Coordinator

Register only at NHWN website

  • Will be visible to every watch in the country
  • Will not be classed as a recognised watch, unless verified by local Borough Association (where one exists)
  • Does not benefit from PLI cover 1
  • No street signs or wndow stickers



Don't register anywhere

  • Not authorised to refer to themselves as Neighbourhood Watch
  • Not authorised to use the NHW logo
  • No PLI cover
  • No recognition by any NHW organisation
  • No street signs or window stickers
  • No interaction with any authorised Redbridge Ward Coordinators


1Public Liability Insurance

The policy covers any scheme registered with an Authority recognised or verified by the Neighbourhood and Home Watch Network. This includes the police service, the local authority or constituted NHW Associations. There will be no need for each police force or NHW Association to register with the policy holder (NHWN). In the event of a claim it will be for the Scheme or Association to evidence how they are recognised as a NHW Scheme or Association in line with local policies and procedures or within their constitution.

Scope of coverage

  • If any of your proper and reasonable activities in connection with your Watch cause injury to third parties or damage to third party property the insurer will cover claims arising for up to £5 million per claim occurring during the insured period.
  • The insurance applies for activities which are undertaken with your full knowledge, authority and under your control in line with good practice procedures and adhering to all relevant local policies and practices.
  • The erection and maintenance of signs and posters is covered, providing that the lower edge of the sign is not less than 2.1 metres (7 foot) above the footway (essentially, cannot be reached from ground without steps/ladder).
  • Neighbourhood and Home Watch events, street parties and Neighbourhood and Home Watch stands at other peoples events are covered provided they are not prohibited by any exclusion criteria
  • The cover is also for other Wider Watches, Junior NHW and Speed Watch, if incorporated into a NHW Scheme or Association and local policies and practices are adhered to
  • There is no age restriction (upper or lower) placed on the cover.

In the London Borough of Redbridge, registered watches will be granted access to free street signs and window stickers.