Winter brings cold weather and long nights, Christmas and the New Year, with that in mind please remember the following:

Light timers should be used.

Christmas trees and presents should not be displayed by open windows which can tempt a would-be thief.

When shopping for gifts, do not leave them on display in your vehicle. Dispose of wrapping that details what you have bought away from your property in general refuse bins.

When gifts have been opened dispose of wrapping and boxes that details what you have in general refuse bins.

Watch out for vulnerable residents, make sure they are not the target of conmen or bogus callers.

When you go out to the car to get something have a quick check up and down your road to make sure all is in order.

Make sure that if you have a holiday over the Christmas period that your neighbours are aware.

Don’t just hide away of an evening when you get home, take a quick look out of the window as you go past to make sure your neighbourhood is ok.

Making sure your property is marked appropriately and your home is secure will go a long way towards ensuring you are not the target of a crime. Make sure you lock doors securely at night and leave the keys in a safe place that your family knows about should you need them in a hurry.

If you have any queries about home security or wish to join Neighbourhood Watch then please register your interest by creating an account at this website.

As always the numbers to call are:

999 Emergency number – call when you suspect a crime is being committed or a life is in danger;

101 Non-emergency number – call when a crime has been discovered, to leave a message for your Neighbourhood Policing team.